4 Wonderful Artworks by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt, born in 1862, was an Austrian painter who is known for his decorative and unorthodox paintings that often give off an erotic theme. Klimt is regarded as a rebellious of his time who lived life on his own terms and painted whatever ideas he wanted to fill life to. A leading figure in the Vienna Secession, Klimt regularly shocked art critics of his time by portraying provocative themes which eventually made him one of Europe’s finest artists of all time.

Klimt’s quality wall art prints on wood in handcrafted wooden frames are still very much used to decorate residential, social, and commercial spaces. So, to educate our readers about some of the best works of this great Austrian artist, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “4 Wonderful Artworks by Gustav Klimt”.

  1. The Three Ages of Woman (1905): The Three Ages of Woman (1905) depicts three women in different stages of life, from a baby to an old woman, portraying the circle of life. It shows a mother holding her baby girl while an older woman is standing nearby with her head downwards yet covering her face with her hand. As common with Klimt’s art, all the three characters in the painting are nude. A keen observation would also let you know that the mother’s hair is covered with flowers while her lower portion and the legs of her baby girl are wrapped in some sort of a colorful cloth.       The old woman in this painting is thought to have inspired by Auguste Rodin’s statue ‘The Old Courtesian’. The original of this painting is housed in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Italy.



  1. The Kiss (1907-1909): Gustav Klimt started painting The Kiss in 1907 and first presented it to his critics in 1908. Being the central piece of the Vienna Secession art movement and among the best artworks of the early modern period, The Kiss is regarded as Klimt’s best work and his most famous painting. It depicts two lovers embracing each other while one the edge of a meadow or a flower field. Due to its significance and high quality, it was purchased by Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in  1908 even while it was incomplete. Klimt completed this piece in 1909 and it is still housed in the same gallery that is located in the capital of Austria, Vienna.



  1. The Virgin: Full of symbolism, as with most of his work, The Virgin (1913) is Klimt’s wonderful display of Brilliance. It depicts a central sleeping figure that has six other surrounding her. The use of bright red, green, blue and yellow are might catch viewers’ attention but a deeper observation is tells us the various symbols Klimt has used to in this piece that points towards the virgin becoming a woman. Slight parting of the legs and the spirals on the dress of the Virgin represent fertility, another example of the great symbolism Klimt is known for. The original of this painting is currently located in the National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic.



  1. The Tree of Life (1905): The Tree of Life (1905) is regarded as one of the most complete and successful representations of elements used in theology and philosophy for many years. Some say that it depicts a tree connecting the earth with numerous heavens while others argue that it is Klimt’s way of portraying the masculine and feminine allegory with phallic symbols contrasting the organic and delicate growth of the tree portrayed in the piece.With this piece, Klimt juggled nature, body, and symbolism all of which give the painting a power to leave its print on the mind of its viewers. The Tree of Life (1905) truly presents Klimt’s mantra of making art thrilling and beautiful at the same time.


 There are many notable works among these masterpieces produced by Klimt, ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I’, ‘Danae’, ‘Judith and the Head of Holofernes’, ‘Portrait of Fritza Riedler’, ‘Hope II’, ‘Beethoven Frieze’, and ‘Death and Life’ are to name a few. The wall art of Gustav Klimt is offered by Luxury Decor, Edmonton, Canada. Framed prints by Luxury Decor can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home and workplace, along with giving off playful vibes.


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