Crystal Quality


What is Crystal?

The word “crystal” means, in most of the western world, the presence of lead oxide. The presence of lead oxide in crystal softens the glass and makes it more accessible for cutting and engraving. Lead oxide increases the weight of the glass, makes it more solid, and causes the glass to diffract light.

The purpose of lead oxide is to increase the density of glass, which in turn, increases the reflective properties. In order to achieve the maximum amount of sparkle crystals are cut and polished using the highest technology available to achieve its razor sharp facets, pure optical clarity, and increase light diffraction that gives more sparkle with rainbow spectrum.

Luxury Decor imports lighting fixtures with the best quality trimming, produced by the Czech manufacture, Preciosa. We have certificate of conformity (from the manufacture) which confirms the quality of crystal. The trimming is highly lead oxide glass with minimum content 30% PbO, which makes it one of the finest crystals.