Luxury Decor

About Luxury Decor

Luxury Decor is an Edmonton, Alberta based business that specializes in luxurious home interior decor merchandise, and offers a wide selection of elegant home interior accessories. Crystal chandeliers and crystal wall sconces from Czech Republic, hand blown art glass vases from Czech Bohemian glass in traditional classic style and modern design, famous wall art reproductions, mirrors in unique hand carved wood frame designs from Italy. Luxury Decor has exclusivity on several manufactures that will please anyone’s style and budget. This allows us to bring many designs which our clients will not find anywhere else.

Czech Bohemian Crystal

Crystal chandeliers from Czech Republic are brilliant among all other pendants. Czech Republic is one of the founders of the crystal industry back in 16th century. A new industry emerges as workshops and ateliers for glass-making begin to pop up across Northern Bohemia Mountains. Throughout the centuries they perfected the art of crystal trimming, shape, polishing, cutting, and glass-making combination of colors. Crystal lighting fixtures from Czech never lose their crystal clarity throughout the years and always will bring the unique atmosphere to your home interior design.

Our interior decor online store presents high quality, handmade crystal chandeliers and crystal wall sconces to illuminate your home, from luxurious traditional classics to innovative modern designs; in addition, popular black crystal chandeliers. Luxury Decor follows interior design trends and understands that market demands are varied by tastes and styles.

Czech crystal lighting fixtures will make your home’s interior design more sophisticated. Crystal chandeliers are never out of fashion or style, as they bring warmth and elegance to your home.

Chandeliers and Wall Sconces are certified

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (UL) certified lighting fixtures Luxury Decor imports from Czech Republic. Our products comply with the Standard for Luminaires UL 1598 and USA and Canada country specific requirements. Luxury Decor is a listee on UL online certification directory at

Wall Art and Mirrors

Luxury Decor offers exclusive products from Italy that will accessorize your walls. We import fabulous and famous reproduction of wall art. All wall art is produced in Italian wooden carved handmade wood frames from high quality woods such as Chestnut, White Pine, Linden and Ayous. Many frames have either gold finish using gilded technique, silver, ivory or mix of both. Theses frames are used for paintings as well as for the mirrors. The reproduction itself has handmade finishes by Italian craftsmen, which gives each painting its individuality and uniqueness. Our mirrors presented in different shapes with hand-crafted and made frames that will satisfy each client’s unique taste and design.

We welcome custom orders!

Luxury Decor welcomes customization projects for both residential and commercial. We work closely with our suppliers and designers who have great design experience and a highly flexible production approach. This allows endless possibilities in ideas, scale and style. We supply fixtures suitable for the smallest spaces right up to the big commercial spaces. We can start from existing design, where we can alter trimming, color, crystal type, sizing and length, to meet any client’s requirement. Interested? Send us an email to with your unique ideas!

Our culture

The Luxury Decor culture remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity which define the company. We attribute the success of the Luxury Decor brand to our suppliers’ attitude for superior product quality, delivering on a balanced range of price points and never waiving on our commitment to customer service.

All our products whether they are from Czech Republic or Italy are connected by centuries of history and outstanding handmade work on each piece. These products will bring harmony to your home and add a sense of charm and uniqueness to your design. You may send us your order or just contact us if you have any questions, we will reply to you within 24 hours by e-mail. In case you need to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your business.