Art Glass

Luxury Decor offers stunning hand blown Bohemian glass vases and bowls. Each piece is an original and can be taken for an art piece due to its exclusively hand processing and amazing decorative effects. The unique art glass vases and bowls produced by world renowned Czech factory.The product’s characteristic feature is massive appearance and eye-catching glass colors: clear, amber, blue, green, gold, gold rose, aquamarine, brown smoke, rosaline, and opal. Depending on the design of the product, the colours can be mixed to get a unique color or warm transformation from one to another. A combination of various glass masses gives fascinating color effects. Every piece is a reflection of the craftsmanship of the glass blower.

The black vases after blowing are made with special painting technique using the application of ices (fine crushed meltable glass), subsequent firing in a decorating kiln, and a final decoration with 24K gold, platinum or a combination with other painting techniques. Glass vases and bowls are manufactured in a wide decorative series according to designer drawings and no product is exactly the same, as they are all handmade, which gives each product its exclusive appearance.
In our online store you can buy hand blown glass table or floor vases and bowls, decorative vases made with high quality materials, standards, and great design, which will address the beauty and charm of your home. The art glass vases are an ideal gift to your family and friends.

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