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Luxury Decor offers museum quality art prints on wood in handcrafted wooden frames, produced by Italian crafts-factory, Centro Arte. Centro Arte has been creating true masterpieces for over twenty years, combine innovative production methods with traditional workmanship and art effects. Luxury Decor is an exclusive distributor of their work for North America.
The factory produce frames using only precious wood such as White Pine, Ayous, Chestnut, and Linden. Centro Arte’s expert craftsmen shape and illuminate frames in Florentine style, where carved frame in gold leaf or silver leaf gilding meets special glazing; hand-applied wood tone that is protected by beeswax finish; distressed gold finish.

These hand embellished prints have a painting effect, aging effect with craquelure technique to reproduce the look and feel of original art.
The amazing artwork is in demand worldwide and if you appreciate true beauty and the intrinsic value of the materials and workmanship, Luxury Decor online store is the place to find unique art reproductions.

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Sale! The Meet by Heywood Hardy – framed print

The Meet by Heywood Hardy – framed print

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